Tell us how your collaboration with By Billie came about?
Gigi has been wearing By Billie pieces since she was born, I adore their pieces so it felt like the perfect match for us to create a range together! 
The French Riviera is one of the most stunning places in the world, apart from its beauty, what keeps drawing you back there?
We love to experience the French lifestyle, it’s inspiring to see how they immerse themselves in good food & leisure. 
 Do you speak French?
I know - Je ne parle pas français. Which means I can’t speak French haha, slowly trying to learn!
 What are your 3 top travel tips?
  1. Plan your trip, but allow some spare time for spontaneity! We always leave free nights to go with the flow & see where we feel going at the time. 
  2. If you’re travelling with kids, bring plenty of activities to keep them entertained during transit. 
  3. Ask locals their recommendations on food & sights, we always get the best tips that way! 
 Gigi is already a little jetsetter, does she love exploring as much as her parents?
Gigi is already such a jet setter! She asks most days to go on an aeroplane ( what the hell Gigi I didn’t go on a plane until I was 18 haha ). She loves all the new sights, people & food! She loves the adventures that each new day brings. 
 What is it about you and Jamie that make the ultimate creative duo?
Jamie is an amazing photographer & I love to do the styling, we both try to bring the masculine & feminine elements which I think is cool.
 If you had to pick your 3 favourite pieces from the collection, what are they and why?
The ombre knit set is the most delicious little set I’ve ever seen Gigi in! It’s soft & comfortable & I love that it can be worn in Summer or Winter. The overalls are so so fun with the most gorgeous little prints. And for me it would be the Lisa Shirt, a soft citron colour, light fabric & so easy to wear
 And… What’s next for you? Any secret projects we can have a little insight on first…
Well it’s great timing you asked, we’re working on our own range of handbags for our new brand called Louie Bloom. That’s all I’ll say for now, but watch this space
Lisa’s ‘musts’ on the French Riviera
Visit: Cassis & VilleFranche-sur-Mer 
Eat: Go to your local markets & cook the fresh food
Drink: Paloma Beach Club
Stay: Hotel Les Roches Roughes 
Do: Wander through the stunning Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild