Behinds the lens of TDK Creative

Hi Tia, how are you? 
First of all, I want to say, we LOVE your work! 
The designs and creative team behind ByBillie are so beautiful. Thank you for having me on the blog.  
- Can you tell us when your passion for photography began and when you decided to create TDK Creative? 
I remember always saving photos I loved when I was younger, thinking how incredible it would be to imagine something to life. Create images that had a story behind them...emotion and purpose. I have always loved creative anything and when I was getting some imagery done for my first EP (yep - I gave writing music a crack too haha). I had such a clear vision of what the concept would be and look like.
The photographer helping me was so incredible and really brought that vision to life - it was such a wonderful feeling to see something I had imagined be created. I spoke to her about photography most of the session and when she left I had this strong urge to pick up a camera and try to take some pictures. TDKCreative came about a few years later when I wanted to create more than just imagery - I wanted to write stories, music, style shoots...have the freedom to be creative in more ways than one.     
- Do you remember your first shoot? 
 I remember fumbling through different styles of photography...studying, working, trying to find something that felt right. Continuously taking pictures of anything and everything, trying to figure it out. One of the first working photoshoots I remember was for Element Eden - I was SO nervous and when I was editing the imagery I remember wondering if I was doing the right thing at every editing choice I made. It's so interesting the self doubt we all have (especially when it comes to showing others something you have created) it's like putting a piece of yourself out there for other people to decide if it's good enough. But everyone's version of what that is is while it's great to receive constructive input, in the end you have to trust your own vision and be kind to yourself.
-You have been working for prestigious companies like Billabong Australia, Universal Studios and Tahiti Tourism just to mention a few. What inspires you to be creative and get the best results for each campaign?
Oh, I love campaign work -  while it can be challenging, it is also so rewarding. So much inspiration for campaigns comes from collaboration. Concept creation for clients comes with seeing a brief or a new fashion line - fabrics, patterns, locations, desires, emotion - it all melds together, and that all had to start somewhere too right? It is so rewarding when the end product showcases a result of everyone's input.   
-How would you describe your photography style? 
My photography style is very natural. I love taking imagery outside within nature - the moments that happen in between poses - that's where people are themselves and everything comes together so beautifully. It's just a different feeling when someone's hair moves naturally with the breeze and they smile, or a thunderstorm rolls in and changes the direction and mood of the photos completely. Shooting regardless of the weather and trusting that the outcome will be for the best (sometimes in ways we can't even imagine at the time) has been such a wonderful lesson for me.    
- How do you make people feel comfortable when taking their pictures? does help that I'm a bit of an awkward person myself. I take my time. I like to speak to people...If everyone is nervous and no one mentions it, the feelings have SO much more power to overtake everything. Airing out what I am feeling can help someone else be honest about what's happening in their head and then it's like this massive relief for both of us and things start to move more naturally.
-As a photographer, what are your favourite pictures to take? 
Hands down 'Daydream Photos'. So while I love Travel/Campaign photography, Lifestyle, Fashion and Events - there is something really special that happens within me when I can create my daydream images. These are images that I have literally thought up and pieced together over time...the set design, the location, the outfits, the emotion, the music and story behind the imagery. There is so much joy in dreaming up something in your mind and then seeing it come to life.
-  What details do you enjoy focusing on in your work? 
  I really enjoy creating imagery that evokes some sort of feeling, either within myself or the viewer. If a frozen image can move people in some way, how incredible is that. It is so rewarding to take photos for someone that mean so much to them as well. To feel the love between two people, or a group of people, or the passion behind someone's's all really wonderful.  
- What Camera-lens is your favourite for shooting?
At the moment, the Canon R5 body and the 24-70mm lens - but i love a close up, so the RF 70-200mm is fast becoming my favourite lens.  
- Any new projects coming soon to TDK that you would like to share with us.
I am so excited to be heading away for some short stints this year and getting back into some travel work. But also to be locally based at times and working with the incredible industry we have consistently evolving here is wonderful too. I have some really beautiful photoshoots coming up in 2023 and some of those 'Daydream Photoshoots' as well, so definitely stay tuned.  
A bit of Tia:
Place on earth:  My favourite place on earth is my grandmother's verandah in Autumn. I realise there are such incredible places around our amazing globe, but here I can be unapologetically myself, watch the animals and gumtrees, remember sitting next to her with our feet in the sun and feel peace. It's a very special place.
Favourite song at the moment:  I can't choose... I've currently got Melody Gardot playing in the background though. 
Self love rituals:  Walking, Singing, Meditation and the Ocean - I'm learning to make more time for myself - it's a work in progress. 
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