Favourite eats: authentic Mex for sure

Favourite drink: extra spicy Bloody Mary

Favourite country: Peru!


Where can we find you:

All my services can be found on sleepsupremely.com

 Read all my tips and follow along the Sleep Supremely journey on Instagram @sleepsupremely


Define who you are in 4 words:

Patient, approachable, hard-working, realistic!

What led to the creation of your sleep coaching business, Sleep Supremely?
When I gave birth to my son, Winston, I thought that sleep was going to be so easy! Especially in those newborn days it was a dream. But man, I was so wrong. I became a hardcore researcher to find out the best ways to help him sleep without being left to do it on his own.  After successfully completing sleep training, I found myself enrolling in a sleep consultancy course to find out more about the science of sleep. I saw a niche, especially in today’s environment, where parents can’t always access family members for help. But it had to be affordable and accessible. After graduating as a qualified infant sleep coach, I launched my business in September 2021.


I have worked with over 100 clients already! I work with families around the world and locally in NSW. I help parents to determine short- and long-term goals for improving their baby's sleep and guide them through the successful implementation of a personalised sleep plan. Sleep Supremely has grown in such a short time. More than I could have imagined. I am so very grateful to spend my life doing what I love most – helping families get the rest they deserve and grow confidence in their innate abilities!


Is it true that some babies just don’t like sleeping?

It’s a common thought from parents, but not particularly true. If a parent hit a round of hiccups in their little one’s sleep journey, such as in a sleep regression or leap, their little one may develop into a pattern of overtiredness. It’s an easy problem to fix! Sometimes just a quick consult with a sleep coach is all that’s needed. If the impossible is likely, I provide hope, encouragement, and break-up long-term goals into more manageable chunks until we succeed. Being a previous classroom teacher, I understand the importance of backward mapping to determine the best pathways for my clients.


What are your tips for growing a business?

There are a few pieces of advice I have:


  • Be patient and roll with the ups and downs of the market and buying trends. Use downtimes as a way to learn, create, connect, and develop ideas to keep your business fresh.
  • Always maintain your business’ mission and use this to guide you.
  • Be diverse from other businesses. There are a range of sleep consultants, but I have tried to make sure that the methods I guide clients with are very different to others. This increases the likelihood for success too!
  • Write in your journal each day
  • Set goals in your planner every morning
  • Connect with other small-businesses and influencers.


What are some tips for parents who are having sleep troubles?


  1. Find a method that you will likely use when putting your little one down for the night. Try to use the same method for naps and during the night.
  2. Create a plan (I find writing it down for when you’re deliriously tired in the night is helpful for communication)
  3. Have a calming, wind-down routine around 60-90 minutes before bedtime. You can do it in any order, but whichever works for you – do the same each night!
  4. Whatever method you’re using - whether it’s pick up, put down or the chair method- be consistent with your approach. Even if it seems to be getting worse. It takes 10-14 days for your little one to pick up habits.
  5. Positive sleep associations can be really helpful, such as verbal affirmations before bed, a particular story, sleeping bag/night romper, comforter/blanket, white noise, a pitch-black room.


Anything else you would like to tell us about your business?

Over 300,000 babies are born each day. If caregivers are sleeping, they feel healthy and confident in their parenting. If I can assist a tiny fraction of caregivers who are exhausted from lack of sleep, I'll take the challenge.


Sleep Supremely is tailored for the client who has tried and tested all the strategies that have been shared with them and are unable to find the time to search out the best-fit approach to sleep training. If you’re exhausted and ache to find an affordable coach to build your confidence, listen to your values and beliefs about your family and your child's temperament. I’m here. If you’ve heard a million opinions, but you just need someone to set the record straight by providing research-backed advice, I’m here. 


My packages and guides can be found on sleepsupremely.com


Read all my infant and toddler sleep tips and follow along the SS journey on Instagram @sleepsupremely



One last question, is Winston a good sleeper?

OMG YES! He is such a trooper. He has gone from being bounced on a birth ball every time we needed him to rest, screaming at the sight of his nursery (poor kid was in so much pain) – to us now - doing our routine, us saying our goodnights and cuddling, we lay him down and we see him after nap time or the next day... I’ll be honest that he is an early riser (like Mum and Dad), but I love having our nights and enjoyed deflating that birth ball.