Sophie Dumon

Meet the creator of SALT
Sophie Dumon

A certified Pilates & Yoga teacher, Sophie is dedicated to offering intentional movement. After teaching at studios, retreats & events around Sydney & Byron, she has created her signature method + studio in Crescent Head. Her holistic approach to movement aims to energise and connect the body + mind to enhance strength + flexibility. In creating SALT, Sophie aims to provide you the support, the space + the motivation for you to evolve + enhance your form.
Salt Space a dreamy, creative escape from the everyday, the studio has ocean views natural light and art on the walls.
It's a space to connect to form, to evolve with flow and disconnect from the everyday. 
Get to know Sophie: 
When did you decide to become a Pilates & Yoga instructor? 
I became a Pilates instructor about 5 years ago. I was in the fashion industry working as a Buyer and  Ecommerce Manager and long story short, the company went into administration and I was doing Pilates ALL the time on the side. I loved the effect it had on my body and how good I was feeling from it. So after getting my pay out, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to train. I threw myself in the deep end (as I always do!) and started teaching full time at studios in Sydney in the Northern Beaches and the Inner West. After teaching Pilates at Modern Movement, a Yoga studio on the Northern Beaches, I got hooked on the benefits of having both strength and flexibility in my practise and did my 200 hour teacher training a couple years later. 
  How was Salt-space born? 
SALT was born after moving to Crescent Head. I had always dreamt of creating a space for movement and creativity where there were paintings on the walls and ocean views. My partner is a carpenter so he renovated my garage (it used to be a surfboard shaping bay) and turned my dream studio and art space into life. It’s definitely evolving every day but I love that I have created a little hub for people in Crescent Head to move, feel good and spend some time to retreat from their day. I want to offer others the feeling and the benefits that I felt when I started Pilates and Yoga.
What are the benefits of Pilates? 
Pilates benefits the whole body as it strengthens and balances muscles throughout - muscles that most people didn’t even know existed. At SALT, I teach a signature method which consists of strength, stretch and sweat. By focusing on a holistic approach to movement, it creates muscles that are strong, flexible and mobile. It’s great to challenge the body with more functional movement and strength training style exercises as well as to allow the muscles to recover with stretching and breathing techniques. There’s so many benefits to Pilates so here’s a few; it increases core strength, posture and energy while reducing stress, back pain and preventing injuries.
- How long will it take to see results? 
It depends on the person but I usually say within a couple of weeks of doing 2 - 3 classes a week. The person will start to feel stronger, more balanced and have more energy. It’s one of those that the more regularly someone does it, the more it gives back and the more they will notice it day to day. It can help anyone and everyone; whether a Mum that is lifting her child or breastfeeding a young one for hours a day, a person that spends a lot of time driving or at a desk or for anyone looking to build strength. 
- Could you say Pilates & Yoga can help with injuries and body pain? 

For sure. I always recommend Pilates more than yoga for injuries as Pilates can be super tailored and specific to target the muscles that need strengthening / balancing. I’ve had heaps of my clients say that within a few months; all of their injuries and niggles have gone and have never felt stronger and better. It’s so rewarding to see my client’s journeys. Especially if someone is new to Pilates and within a few months, there is a huge difference in their body and energy levels. It’s also amazing for pre and postnatal women that want to strengthen their core and pelvic muscles.             

- Do you have a program for pregnant women who would love to join the SALT community? 

Yes. The studio is pregnancy friendly and I’ve done extra prenatal training in Mat and Reformer Pilates and in Yoga. All of the Pilates and Yoga classes are pre and postnatal friendly and exercises can always be modified depending on where women are within their pregnancy.   

 - Besides being an amazing Pilates instructor, you are also an Artist. Tell us a bit about that creative side. 

Haha yes. There’s a lot happening here. I have always been super creative having done a Bachelor of Arts degree and making my own clothes in textiles at school. During lockdown, sadly all of the studios that I was teaching Pilates and Yoga closed so I started to rediscover my creative side again. It was amazing as I was painting for hours a day and it all turned into a creative experiment with making my own paints from ochre and rocks. Eventually I began selling a few works and got hooked on putting paint brush to canvas and here we are, a few years later. I have just moved into a permanent art studio and just launched my biggest collection so it’s just been about showing up and following the creative process without putting any pressure and expectation on where it takes me. 

- Your studio is so calming and it has the best view in town. You also have your paints there. How do you find time to balance your classes with time to be creative and be inspired? 

Oh thank you! Yes I love having my paintings on the walls. I really wanted to create a space different than any other yoga / pilates studio where the walls are usually blank. I wanted to create a space that would inspire and empower others to be creative. 

I have definitely struggled in the past with finding balance - I guess everyone does! Having my own art studio separate to SALT has been amazing as I can just rock up and start where I left off. I’m lucky that I have time between classes to spend painting and experimenting with new ideas. In terms of feeling inspired, it’s so easy living in Crescent Head. I’m in constant awe of the natural beauty around here; the bush, the ocean and the natural world. My latest collection was inspired by all the living things in the ocean here; rays, starfish, urchins and shells. It’s sooo easy to get inspired but definitely harder to fit everything else in a 24 hour day.   

- What is 2023 bringing to SALT and your Art? Something that you would like to share with us.

 For my art, I’d love to find a space to exhibit my works that aligns with my style and to expand beyond Crescent Head. I’d also love to travel across Australia with painting especially over in Western Australia. The landscape and ocean looks insane over there. As for SALT, it’s a constant evolution. I’d love to intertwine more creativity within the studio but I’m not 100% on how yet. Perhaps with retreats or events where creativity and movement come together. 

Bit of Sophie: 

Favourite By Billie item:  

DEFINITELY the Lisa Danielle X By Billie Vacanze Pants. They’re the best paint pants. I love how comfortable they are and the fact that they have pockets! I’m also loving the Conservation Club Blue tee. I wear it everywhere and anywhere right now; to get coffee, to teach or post surf.

 Currently listen to: 

Ahhhh so much, it honestly depends on my mood. Right now, i’m loving Ocie Elliot for something more chilled.

 Quote you live by:

Isvara Pranidhana..It’s not really a quote but two words in Sanskrit that always come to mind. It basically means “I surrender to something bigger than myself”. When I’m doing something that scares me, putting myself out there or if I’m feeling super anxious in a situation, I repeat those words and instantly feel a trust in the universe. It feels like a co-creation and that I’m being guided. It’s made me take risks like starting up a business and putting my paintings out there and I feel so much freedom every time I think about it.

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